Just two days passed since I made it public, that EasyRaceLapTimer exists and the response was overwhelming! Thank you guys. Seems like I hit a nerve with the system.

There are some news for you. A new stable version just got released, v0.2! This version also has sound effect support for various events in a race. The transponder and the decoder code got updated. OpenLap & EasyRaceLapTimer are now using the same protocol. Yanik from OpenLap and myself met each other and discussed a few things, scrambled some eggs and “schwupdibups” we’ve got a better protocol.

Everything is already on GitHub and there’s of course a new image file for download if you don’t want to setup the system from scratch. But there also good news for people who wants to setup the system from scratch or on a PI 1. I made a complete setup guide right from the beginning to the end: https://github.com/polyvision/EasyRaceLapTimer/blob/master/docs/setup_guide.md

I would love to see images of your self soldered transponders, host stations or whatever regarding the system! Just post them in the comments!