Hello out there,

while the development of version 0.4 is fine at present and lots of new features have been added to the current development version, I’m happy to announce that you can purchase now transponders directly from AirBirds. Many people requested transponders from me because they didn’t want to buy all the parts on their own or didn’t want to program transponders due to the lack of programming hardware (Arduino ISP or TinyUSB programmers). Well, the first batch is nearly sold out due to reserved transponders but luckely we ordered some more, so a few of the first batch are available to the public now.

If you want to make your transponder on your own, it’s ok! 😉 Here’s the link to the hardware specs, in case you didn’t know yet.

Let’s have a small sneak peak to the upcomming version 0.4 of EasyRaceLapTimer:

  • of course, various bug fixes 😉
  • ir_daemon got a lot of improvements
  • competition mode, yeah, ready for some real races?
  • export of race event data, XSL & PDF(in the works)
  • satellite mode for the ir_daemon (currently in the works)

The competition mode

A simpe explanation of the competition mode: The competiton mode is made for real racing events. Define some pilots, put them in a race and let’s them fight against each other. The lap times are getting summed up, and the one with the fasted summary lap time is the winner of the race! If you want, you can add satellites to gates which are checking if a pilot really passed a gate. If not, the pilot will get a time penalty for this gate.


You can use Raspberry Pi 1 or 2 and Raspberry Zeros for the satellites. There will be also an option to use different Arduino hardware as a satellite.

I hope, you like these news 😉