Hey there,

Adam Psychny from team FPVirus created an android app for announcing lap times which works with EasyRaceLapTimer.

From the description of the app:

This app announces your lap times loudly when practicing FPV races.
Supported lap time systems:
– EasyRaceLapTimer: http://www.easyracelaptimer.com/
– Open Lap with EasyRaceLapTimer backend:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1047398441948165

For this app to work, you need to connect your phone to the lap timer over wifi. At first, it will try to find the lap timer monitor service on its own, if it fails you have to provide the IP manually.

This app is made for you by Team FPVirus.
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Love us: http://fpvirus.de

Happy racing 🙂


You can find the app on the PlayStore here.